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Integrating chat
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:58:12 pm »
Recently I have been setting up some people with both CM and secure chat. CM is easy and secure chat is a pain. Most people do not get through Pidgin-OTR setup without some help, even if you give them all the parameters. I also tried Gajim and it's buggy.

I would like to integrate chat somehow. OTR chat is fairly widespread and trusted, so it would be nice to just carry a set of OTR parameters (XMPP server, username, key fingerprint) around in the key announcement. The user could then click "chat with user" and that data would have to be somehow inserted into a chat program.

Do any of the common chat programs accept a URL or a vcard or some type of automatic setup? Pidgin is known to be vulnerable to active attack due to libpurple, and gajim is not very stable, so I am not sure what to use. I really don't want to write yet another chat program.



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Re: Integrating chat
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2015, 06:02:39 pm »
Do any of the common chat programs accept a URL or a vcard or some type of automatic setup?

I don't use chat programs, so this might not be any help. A web search found a Pidgin buddy list restore plugin <>. So maybe chat buddies can be added from an XML file?

Quote from: <>
Accidentally deleted your buddy list? Deleted a group? Have a corrupt blist.xml file? Maybe this plugin can help. Add it to your plugins, and enable it to pick where your backup blist.xml file is and this plugin will load in all missing groups and buddies.

(Doesn't add chats, doesn't merge buddies into contacts, doesn't apply privacy (allow/deny) settings. Open an issue if you need any of these)

I also saw mention of a "ListHandler" third-party plugin for Pidgin, but no links.

And AOL Instant Messenger could add buddies by following URLs of the form <aim:addbuddy?screenname=notarealuser>, according to a Wikipedia entry I just read.